25 lipca 2011

Wykres dnia - udział poszczególnych państw w papierach AAA

Krótko pisząc - AAA z US to ponad połowa...nie ma zatem "gdzie uciec"...
Dalej za analitykami:
"From the perspective of investment guidelines, a downgrade of the long-term rating of the US may not have much impact. Reasons for this are likely to include: the negative impact on the US and global economy from the downgrade as the cost of borrowing will increase globally; the lack of highly rated fixed income investment alternatives (see Figure 4, where USTs and Agency/MBS debt make up over 50% of the AAA universe); any downgrade is likely to be targeted, which should leave short-term ratings intact (suggesting that money funds won‘t be forced to sell); and finally, the fact that such ratings may eventually be revised up again once the US gets its fiscal house in order."
O wpływie na Agency MBS tutaj (Agency MBS - co stanie się po obcięciu ratingu US z AAA na AA?), o potencjale utraty AAA chociażby tutaj (Wykres dnia - opinia agencji Moody nt ratingu kredytowego US), czy w końcu o dacie 1 sierpnia 2011 oraz republice bananowej tutaj.

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