02 października 2011

Kącik filmowca - Meltdown - History of the Global Financial Collapse

Obejrzałem ciekawy dokument przygotowany przez CBC z Kanady. W 4 odcinkach opowiada historię światowego krachu finansowego. Warto zobaczyć. Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś zostanie wytrasmitowany w polskiej telewizji, bądź chociaż powstaną napisy w języku polskim na youtube.com. Film dostępny na stronie CBC jak i youtube.com. Meltdown is the story of the bankers who crashed the world, the leaders who struggled to save it and the ordinary families who got crushed. [..] The CBC’s Terence McKenna takes viewers behind the headlines and into the backrooms at the highest levels of world governments and banking institutions, revealing the astonishing level of backstabbing and tension behind the scenes as the world came dangerously close to another Great Depression. [...] HOUR 1: The Men Who Crashed the World - youtube Greed and recklessness by the titans of Wall Street triggers the largest financial crash since the Great Depression. It's left to US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, himself a former Wall Street banker, to try and avert further disaster. HOUR 2: A Global Tsunami - youtube The meltdown's devastation ripples around the world from California to Iceland and China. Facing economic ruin, desperate world leaders are at each other's throats. HOUR 3: Paying the Price - youtube The victims of the meltdown fight back. In Iceland, protestors force a government to fall. In Canada, ripped off autoworkers occupy their plant. And in France, furious union members kidnap their bosses. HOUR 4: After the Fall - youtube Investigators begin to sift through the meltdown's rubble. Shaken world leaders question the very foundations of modern capitalism while asking: could it all happen again?

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