18 czerwca 2013

Wykres dnia - cena prądu z giełdy niemieckiej

To nie żart – to wykres cen prądu z giełdy niemieckiej !

I informacja po angielsku....
Electricity spot market prices drop to €0 in Germany

EPEX Spot SE18.06.2013: Last Sunday the electricity prices in Germany at the spot market EPEX fell to €0 for almost the entire day, with the daily average being below even this level. The forecasts for wind and solar power pushed the production of conventional power plant levels as low as never seen before. Between 0:00 am to 1:00 am, forecasts of the production of conventional power plants were only 22.727 GW, while forecasts for wind were 5.429 GW. Stronger wind further pushed the fossil energy generation to a level of below 20 GW at 2:00 am. The upcoming sun led to a PV capacity of 20.358 GW around 12 am additionally to a wind capacity of 9.078 GW. The level of conventional energy needed fell to 17.905 GW at 1:00 pm. The decreasing demand in the afternoon hours led to a new low of fossil energy generation of 17.383 GW, registered at 3:00 pm. It was only at 9:00 pm that conventional energy was at its daily maximum reaching a capacity of 27.208 GW. The entire day, the conventional electricity suppliers kept the base load power plants feeding into the grid, risking electricity prices of almost €0 (0,1056 Eurocents or 0.133 cents) per kWh at 0:00 pm. For 4 hours during the afternoon the base load power plant operators even recorded negative electricity prices, they had to pay €0.10003 ($0.13) per kWh for their energy output at 3:00 pm.

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