17 grudnia 2014

Wykres dnia - DXY

W nawiązaniu do poprzedniego wpisu o EURUSD (Wykres dnia - EURUSD - zmiana trendu?) doszedł jeden dodatkowy fakt.

Wykres w skali miesięcy, średnia 200

Komentarz Goldman Sachs
The DXY is right under the 200-mma at 89.83
 Historically, this moving average has been very important to defining major cycle turns. The last time the market traded above it was back in Aug. ’03.
 As discussed many times before, the basing process which is developing now seems to be almost exactly like the one that preceded that last major bull run in the late ’90’s/early ‘00. Looking back at the late-’90s comparison, the DXY experienced multiple failed attempts before finally attaining a clean break above this pivot.
 Bottom line, given how relevant the 200-mma is from a historical perspective and in simple comparison terms, it seems natural that it would be a difficult to pivot to break at least on first attempts

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