31 lipca 2017

Wykres dnia - czy dolar spadnie?

Czy kontrakty na dolara spadną? Obecnie trwa wyciskanie krótkich na zamknięcie miesiąca.

the summer story has a sub-plot. US$ weakness has extended the phase of consolidation in European and Japanese equity. In particular, Euro-US$ has reached a critical frontier zone. The area of $1.16-1.18 represents the upper limit of the range within which this parity has traded since early
2015. Our interpretation is that we are witnessing the tension that characterises the end of a currency movement, not its beginning. Trans-Atlantic yield differentials do not signal further Euro appreciation at this time. We consider that the investment consensus is already bullish and long
the Euro. We doubt that forex will travel through August without a profit taking in Euro-US$. Accordingly, we expect that European equity should join US equity in the “late show” rally in August. We may observe a final bout of discouragement selling this week as month-end approaches and low conviction money exits. However, we do not expect to see European equity trade for long below the support area of 375-380 for the DJ Stoxx 600 and 3400-3450 for the DJES 50

2 komentarze:

  1. Nie spadnie - bedzie jeszcze 5 fala na DXY.

  2. Tezy za mocniejszym dolaremna koniec roku i 2018


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